​​​​Welcome to The Nest

Head Coach(Girls) : Floyd Thomas Jr.

​Head Coach (Boys): Andreas Garrett

​Contact: Call (903) 804-8511

Facebook: @truchamps
10u Girls
12u Girls
12u Boys
14u Girls

Winter Tryouts are on the

way. Stay tuned for more 


​Adding a 16u division

Your Central Texas NightHawks have the prestige honor of being a 'Big Brother' mentoring program to the Tru Champs AAU program. This union will give the the kids  the opportunity to be right next to the pros, so that they can see the work ethic it takes to make it on and off the court. The NightHawks are very excited to see these kids excel in every way of their lives that they can help.

 Big Brothers' 

'Soar with the Hawks'