Thank you for your support with the Central Texas Nighthawks. We are a new exciting brand of basketball that will be here for time to come. This is something I wanted to be apart of because YOU asked for it. "What's there do this weekend? Any games on?" Well no need to drive hours on end to see professional sports at its best.  Central Texas I hope you're ready.  - Jason Grant

Coach Pomeroy returns


Training Camp

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'Soar with the Hawks'

​​​​Welcome to The Nest

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Waco Terror Game Remarks

NightHawks visit Kiss 103.1 fm

Camp for your NightHawks' has began. Over a month ago they started with 25 hopeful men that are putting their blood, sweat and bodies on the line to be apart of that final 15. The coaching staff has put our members through some of the most intense and gut wrenching drills that will weed out the men from the boys. They have members that come from all over the country including one from overseas. The owners are confident that the coaching staff WILL bring the best of the best to your NightHawks in the hunt for the ABA Championship.


Owner's address to the public


This game had all the hype leading up to it and boy did it deliver. None stop high-flying. 3 pointer after 3 pointer. These 2 teams battled hard for that one chance to be called the winner. Head Coach Andre Anderson(NightHawks) said "Scoring will never be an issue for us." He then went on to say "defensive effort is what we need to focus on." Co Captain Jerry Dancer said " We played a great game for it being our first competitive match-up. We still have a few pieces to work on but I believe we are headed in the right direction." This team looks strong on the boards and have a deep bench of hungry talent. 


Upper management had the honor to be on air with Ms. Phyllis Jones to talk about the future of the Nighthawks. Click links below to hear the full interview.

Coach Richard Pomeroy is the latest addition to the NIghthawks brand. He was a former ABA coach for another team but decided his heart is with the hawks. He joined forces with Coach Andre Anderson to help lead the boys to a winning streak of 3 in their start. The team is 3-1, ranked #8 in the nation. They take on another double header this weekend as they come across The Louisiana Cajun All-Stars and their inter region rivals The Texas Seraphim. This is redemption for the NightHawks because Seraphim is their only loss.